Rose City Banjoliers

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About Us
The Rose City Banjoliers band, formed in 1972, consists primarily of plectrum and tenor banjos, a tuba, a piano, a saw, washboard(s), and vocalists. Our toe-tapping music, which ranges from the "gay nineties" to the mid-1900's, is popular with audiences as diverse as farmers markets, retirement homes, county fairs, and private parties. We are a nonprofit organization.

Contact Information

    Contact Us

For booking please contact Charles Carter:
     Email:, Phone: (503) 469-8353
For all other concerns, including joining the band, please contact John Rudi:
     Email:, Phone: (503) 655-2462
President: John Rudi
     Email:, Phone: (503) 655-2462

Vice President: Bill Leonard
Band Leaders: John Kaleta & Don Peckham
Secretary/Editor: Charles Carter
Treasurer: John Kaleta
Booking Agent: Charles Carter
     Email:, Phone: (503) 469-8353


     Here are some band videos:


Practices are held at Terwilliger Plaza (2545 SW Terwilliger Blvd, Portland, OR 97201) at 7:30 PM on on the first and third Thursday of the month.  Please contact John Rudi for more specific information Email:, Phone: (503) 655-2462

Individuals who are interested in joining the Banjoliers are welcome to sit in on practices.


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